Perceived Value or the real role of Marketing

Adding value is what Marketing is all about, perceived value to be exact.

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How mythology shapes Business

I have just watched this fantastic talk on TED by Devdutt Pattanaik. I found it so interesting, that I wanted to share it here.

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I am a BAD PC !

I have been bad… bad… I broke the sacrosanct status quo… I switched to Mac !

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A Crisis of Value ?

Our modern society is going through profound changes. It is my belief that those changes are affecting the way we perceive Value.

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The bare truth from Air NZ

Once in a while there is an advertising campaign that really stands out. Air NZ has now gotten us used to superior quality in their campaigns, I loved the one for the All Blacks and I absolutely love the new in-flight video. Yes I confess, I just flew Air NZ a few days ago and noticed nothing. Nope, nothing looked strange when I watched the in-flight video. It’s only today, that browsing the net, I suddenly realized that all the actors were body painted. Yes body painted. Take a look yourself

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The limits of rare – make it a little harder

There was a time where rare was expensive (with the exception of a blind horse, as we say in French – I am sure there is an equivalent expression in English).

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Should Marketers concentrate on getting Brands to Consumers or Consumers to Brands ?

If this sounds like chicken and egg to you then think again. Yes, marketers are generally pretty good at splitting hair, but here the story is different. Indeed, the first part of this Marketing Century was dedicated to showering consumers with Brands, bombarding them with messages. But does this approach still work?

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Just a click away

Being lazy has its advantages; I don’t need to look far to figure out the worst case scenario. As I refine the design of this new blog UnderCurrents, a thought crosses my mind that really we are all lazy creatures even online.

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Are we overdoing the Viral thing?

The Heineken Walk-In fridge advert is the best advert I have seen in a long time. Actually Heineken has never ceased to amaze me for the power of its ads all around the world. And it’s not because I have worked for them 6 years, it’s because I have learned to recognize great marketing ideas and great brands when I see them.

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The beautiful World of Brand Conversations

I cannot resist promoting this little site I have discovered thanks to Twitter in the last two days.

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