• In Business, in Marketing and in Life, everything you do has consequences...

    Putting your Brand at the centre of your strategy and driving a consistent approach in your markets is key to delivering your message successfully, engaging with your target market(s), building your Brand and growing your Business.

    We help you create and manage the right Ripples. Build, Revitalise and Develop your Brand and your Business in today's crowded and sometime complex Digital and Analog world.

    From Strategy to Execution.
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We provide consulting services in the following four main areas


To prioritise and optimise your marketing efforts develop your sales and maximise returns on your bottom line, you need sound strategy. We can help you plan and execute activities to get your brand into the position it deserves and your product or service into more hands.


We live in a world where design drives everything. From your brand to your products, your packaging, your collaterals to how you craft customer's experiences in store. It takes sound artistic direction and a good understanding of your business together with creative minds to get the puzzle with all the right pieces fitting in. Capture, amaze and retain the minds of your customers. Delivering the perception of consistency for your brand is what we call being on brand and on message. We can assist you in that process and provide the artistic direction that will combine creativity with a good understanding of your business model and practical needs. This has led us to design brands, packagings, point of sale material, display furniture and even complete retail stores concepts. Because for us it's all about Brands and crafting Experiences that match them.


Brands live through their audience. How you engage with them and how they engage back with you defines you. We can help you build ambassadors and turn them into long lasting fans wether we are talking of your own employees, the end consumer of your product or everyone in between that can either facilitate adoption of your brand or be just another cog in the wheels.


It's fine to invest into marketing activities to showcase your brand in retail or through sponsorship properties but execution is everything between wasting money and getting the right returns by connecting and engaging positively with your audience. We can help you craft and execute on your brand investments. So you can get the right bang for your buck.

What makes us different
  1. Our integrative approach to Brand Strategy and our experience in delivering and executing above the line and below the line plans combining digital media and analog tactics
  2. Our ideas and capacity to think outside the box
  3. Our can do attitude
  4. Our willingness to immerse ourselves into your business to determine what the pain points are and how to best reach your goals.
  1. Our flexible overhead structure, you only pay for what you need
  2. Our project management skills
  3. Our extensive knowledge and global expertise
  4. Our ability to provide end to end solutions sourcing print, POS, give-aways, materials, equipment from a trusted network of partner suppliers around NZ, Australia and Asia.
Clients Past and Present
Here are some of the Brands that have
trusted us over the years

Channel Activation. POS Collateral development, Roadshow tools.

In-Store Training & demo InkJet Printer range.

In Store Promotions, Brand Activation with Key Account Clients.

Promotion activations for Coca Cola. POS collateral Development.

Magic the Gathering: Card game activation promotion in Universities and Schools.

Retail Promotions Battery category, Sponsorship deal with Auckland Tennis.

In Store promotions & Collaterals, Work on POS displays. Go to Market Strategy.

Campaign activation through brand ambassadors, Sourcing giveaways.

Red Fashion Week Activation, Sourcing supply of Giveaways & Accessories.

In Store promotions & Collaterals, Work on POS displays. Go to Market Strategy.

About Us
Jean-Philippe DIEL

My name is Jean-Philippe DIEL

With over 20 years of International Marketing experience behind me, I have seen more than my share of Brand successes and failures. From large Corporates to SME's.

I am passionate about taking products to markets, creating brand experiences and crafting consumer journeys.

In my corporate life with brands like Heineken, Alcatel, or Samsung, I have learned how critical having a consistent message accross touch points or channels with your audience was. I have learned that repetition of a consistent message in three channels or more impacts consumers positively, builds Trust, Credibility and Value for your Brand. I have also learned the importance of design thinking in crafting the best Brand experiences.

I created The Ripple Hub ltd because I found that few agencies, even the large ones, were focused on message consistency accross all touch points, and that even fewer applied design thinking principles. And so that's the message I have been advocating consistently since 2009.

From Strategy to Execution, The Ripple Hub is your one stop resource to help you craft the best possible customer experiences for your Brand.

Check our content streams here:

Check our content streams here:

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We are able to work accross Oceania, South East Asia and Pacific markets

But we focus in particular on the following centres :
If you are interested in our consulting services - Drop us a note with your details and we will contact you back.
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